"Hand loaded me some 3" 12 gauge TSS turkey shells. Shot them out of my old Browning Pump, invector Plus, 26" barrel with a .680 Carlson turkey choke. They put 338 pellets in a 10" circle and a total of 650 in a 20 inch circle. I was free hand shooting at 40 yards so I was off center a little. Then I shot a thick New Orleans phone book with my old trusty WW 3" Longbeard #4's that have downed every turkey I turned them loose on. Those copper plated shot penetrated to pages 160 to 200. Then I shot one of the TSS loads. I was shocked. The TSS went from page 550 to 700. WOW. So I went turkey hunting with them. I shot a standing tall big tom at 35 steps. They took a 3" section of his neck out. Enough said. I may shoot them out of my Improved Cylinder just to keep from tearing them up."

"Killed a ton of geese over the years but today I shot my first triple. Did it with my A400 28ga shooting the TSS 9's. They kept fallin so I kept shooting. Haha. Pics are of the first goose. I'm blown away by the TSS shot. Shot was 25 yds goose was basically broadside (Flying). First pic is entrance side.

Second pic is off side. There was 14 pellets that penetrated feathers, 2 1/2" thick breast, body cavity and another 2 1/2" of breast meat. You can see some of the pellets in the pic.

I just wish I'd been born rich instead of good looking because that would be all I shoot 12, 20 or the 28. Maybe I'm just easily impressed, but dang this stuff is unreal!!"

"9's ain't no joke" "Thanks a bunch for your help. I'll never go back to lead or hevi. My daughter with 28 grains of powder and 9's in her SA20 at a 35 or so."

"Are flat out deadly, 48 yds, instant death! Thanks for all the help, you have a lifetime customer now."

TSS wow! You probably are used to this by now and I don’t want to be a bother, but that stuff is really amazing. I killed my two birds in Nebraska this past weekend and I’ve never seen a turkey get hit so hard. I used to be big on number 4 copper plated lead (and I still like them) but that #9 TSS seems to hit harder. Those birds went down like you dropped a truck on them and barely twitched. Unbelievable stuff. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into working loads up and helping folks like me. I’ll be in touch in the future for more.
"We had a great season. I thought I missed 4 of my birds. In the woods coming in strutting and gobbling. I'd cutt, they'd stick their head up, and I'd shoot - and zero flopping. I'd sit there for a minute wondering how I missed. Then I'd walk over there and there's my dead bird. Just love your TSS and load formula. I'll be ordering more from you before fall. Thanks for all your help."
"Ordered a couple pounds of TSS 10's from Hal to play around with in my .410's. Sent Hal a email Wednesday morning about 7:00 AM to see if he had any 10's. He responded back about 8:30 AM, and said he had them, and could send me a invoice to pay if I wanted them. I responded about lunch time to send me the invoice to pay. He sent me the invoice about 1:00 PM, and I sent him the funds about 2:00 PM. I got the 10's today in the mail about 10:30 AM. I don't know how it could be any easier than that!!! Thanks a lot Hal!!!"
"I was able to shoot my first TSS loads at ducks this past weekend during an early teal and wood duck season. All I can say is wow. That stuff is nasty. Thanks for all the help and load data you have shared with me. Thanks again."
"1-1/8 tss #6. 50 yards+ side shot. Each one crumpled like someone dropped a brick from the sky. Thanks Hal!! It works as claimed. Very difficult to knock down giant breed honkers at that range. Much less with almost no recoil"

Thank you to the guy who made my (Alaska) trip a success! The TSS was incredible. When you hit a bird, it was sudden limp death. All other things set aside, TSS is a more humane and ethical shot to shoot - period.... Less chance of cripples, and leaves them in amazing shape for taxidermy.... It worked wonderfully. Thank you sir!

"TSS #5 at 1 1/4 oz worked well on Cranes.... TSS #5 turned them inside out....Thank you for stepping up my game. My buddies were shooting steel BBB and wanted my hand loads after that shoot."
"I recently went duck hunting at the coast and got to put my 20 ga 3/8 tss / 5/8 steel load to work. Killed a bunch of divers and sea ducks at distances from 15 yards, to a couple of 50-60 yard shots. All the other guys shooting 12 gauges were amazed! I also got my first Swan with that same load. It was a poke (60ish yards) and it dish-ragged him!"

"Hit a new personal best with my guys this weekend. Divvied out a load of Steel B spiked with #9.5 TSS for everyone to start the party with! This stuff is incredible. Did our part to save the tundra! 361 snows!"